Coach Training Program


Coaching Training Course

IPCTI offers a professional coach training program based on the theory and practice of Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology.
The course is designed to train coaches up to the highest standards of knowledge, skills and tools for the coaching profession. It also prepares coaches for a private practice with great potential for personal and professional satisfaction.
Instruction includes theoretical lectures, experiential workshops, interactive demonstrations, case-study analysis, personal coaching, individual and group supervision, and more. Classes are held in an egalitarian atmosphere to encourage growth, reciprocity, feedback and continuous improvement.

Program Structure:

Phase I: The Art and Craft of Adlerian Coaching

•  For individuals interested in becoming professional coaches
•  For professionals who want to acquire coaching skills for their present practice
•  For individuals who want to experience an intense and meaningful self-development workshop.


120 academic hours that include three intensive five-day seminars at intervals of 2-3 months, interspersed with 4 two-hour webinars.


In addition, students will need to invest approximately 5 hours weekly for independent learning.
At the end of Phase I, students receive a certificate of participation.
This certificate does not grant a professional coaching license.

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Phase II: Certified IPCTI Coach Training

In Phase II each student receives:

1.  10 Personal Coaching Process sessions (as a client)
2.  Practicum: 100 hours coaching clients, of which at least 10 are supervised.
3.  16 3-hour webinars, including advice on building your coaching business
4.  Final oral exam
5.  Final written exam


After fulfilling all course requirements (including exhibiting satisfactory proficiency in the practicum and exams), students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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IPCTI reserves the right to make changes in the curriculum and faculty.
IPCTI reserves the right to terminate a student’s participation based on ethical/professional considerations.