What is coaching?

IP (Individual Psychology) Coaching

IP Coaching is a focused process designed to create significant and outstanding results for the client.
Through the coaching process, clients set their own personal/professional goals and thus achieve results that reflect their own values, visions, missions and purposes.

Adlerians believe that the client is the expert of his or her life. The coach helps the client find the answers to both existential and practical questions.
The coach’s role is to help the client recognize and connect to his or her inner strengths and authentic goals, driving him or her to take effective action to achieve outstanding results.
Coaching focuses on the present and on creating the best possible future for the client.

Coaching empowers clients to:

• Connect or reconnect to personal and universal values

• Create a vision and set short-term and long-term goals

• Discover and express their creativity and uniqueness

• Connect, access and own the strengths inherent within them

• Create outstanding results in a short period of time

• Improve personal and interpersonal skills

• Fulfill their personal life purpose and make a significant contribution to the world
The goal of IP coaching is to help the client achieve positive and significant outcomes in the areas in which he or she chooses to be coached.

IP coaches place great importance on the client’s sense of social responsibility and personal contribution in all circles of life: we believe that self-realization cannot be achieved without healthy relationships with others and with the environment.
The coach’s first challenge is to help clients create a vision that is possible and inspiring, and to identify the steps required to achieve it.



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