Dates, Locations and Prices




Course number 1:
Currently doing practicum

Course number 3:
Practicum has begun

Webinars for practicum-
Monday 25th April 2016
Monday May 30th 2016
Monday June 27th 2016
Monday July 25th 2016
Monday August 29th 2016
September 19th 2016
(All webinars at 19:30-21:30)

1 day seminar on “Building your business”- date to be informed

Course number 3:

Phase I

Seminar number 1: Sep 21st‒Sep 26th 2016 (Instructor: Mia Levitt Frank)
Seminar number 2: January 2017 (Instructor: Dr. Anabella Shaked)
Seminar number 3: April 2017 (Instructor: Dr. Anabella Shaked and Mia Levitt Frank)

Webinars: Dates to be informed

Phase II

Dates: to be informed

Phase II includes the following:
• 3 day seminar
• 6 webinars
• 1 day seminar on building a coaching business
• Supervised coaching calls
• Personal coaching process
• Personal supervision
• Phase 2 will take approximately 12 months according to progress of student with accumulating the 100
hours of coaching.
Dates and times of phase 2 webinars to be announced.


* payment for coaching process (€500 /$US 690 for 10 sessions)
* payment for additional supervision, 16-20 supervision calls (€50 / $US 70 per supervision call)
to be paid directly to the coach or supervisor.