The Coach training program at IPCTI is extensive and comprehensive, and creates a platform for meaningful personal and professional development. Incorporating the foundations and art of coaching, personal coaching, skills and proficiency training, supervision and business building skills, the program enables students to create their own professional identity and become internationally certified coaches. At IPCTI, we are committed not only to our students, but to their future clients.

The coach training program at IPCTI is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ACTP).

The founders of the program have been successfully running their internationally accredited by the ICF (ACTP) Coach Training Program since 2005.

Our coaching model is based on a 100-year-old psychological, social, philosophical and educational theory (Individual Psychology). The theory serves as a sound basis for all our coaching expertise, skill and assumptions.

Social values play an important part in the theory, which is a positive, humanistic and holistic one.

Our faculty comprises trained facilitators, supervisors and coaches, all with relevant and varied experience, backgrounds and education. Students receive extensive, personal, individual guidance throughout the program.

The learning atmosphere at IPCTI combines high educational standards with equality, acceptance, cooperation and enjoyment.

The course includes a unit on “building a coaching business” to assist students in turning their professional assets into a flourishing practice.